Friday, December 9, 2011

Garden Days

Here are some photos from different garden days at the Growhouse from the past few weeks.
The first few are from a big Harvest day we had a couple months ago. We harvested chard, arugula, bok choy, & kale for local restaurants in honor of Food Day. Each of the participating restaurants featured a dish the following evening that included the harvested Growhouse greens.
We had a lot of volunteers that day for harvesting, which is great, because we needed as many hands and scissors as we could get!

This is Kenny, the Growhouse creator and operator.

We get people of all ages. This girl's name is Calli, and she's working on a project for school about the process of developing urban gardens. She brought her younger cousins for harvest day.

These two cuties are Rachel and Sara. They're sisters, and good friends of Julie. I met them through Julie, and now Sara works at Frances with us!

Giving the greens a good rinse.

We started building an Herb Spiral. It will have multiple levels, and we'll plant different herbs on each level based on the amount of sun they need.

All finished. It took us about 2 full garden days to build it.

We had a bicycle pub crawl stop in at the Growhouse last month. I made two batches of drinks using fresh herbs form the garden.

Rosemary infused Lemonade poured over Vodka

Basil infused Red Sangria

Cookin' some veggie dogs over the fire. Yum!

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