Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Update

To start with, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Brendan, Mary, and Marie came over to join Adam and me for dinner, we watched the Miami Marching Band in the Macy's parade, and I for one stuffed myself silly. I planned to take a bunch of pictures (especially since I bought an actual roasting pan this year and the turkey turned out beautifully), but once everyone showed up I abandoned the camera. Brendan did a nice chalkboard drawing for us:

Happy Thanksgiving chalkboard

And though I didn't get a shot of the spread on Thanksgiving itself, I did take a picture of his leftovers-lunch the next day:

Day after Thanksgiving plate

After Adam and I dropped Brendan off at the airport on Friday night, we stopped to pick up a Christmas tree. Last year, our eyes were bigger than our living room, and the tree we picked out blocked all the light from the picture window it stands in front of and took up half the dining room. This year, we were a bit more conservative and picked one that was just right. Here I am putting the angel on top, looking afraid of falling:

Finishing the tree

We have tons and tons of Christmas decorations this year, because this summer our parents gave us all of our Christmas stuff. Our second tree is much more full this year, and Adam's mom gave us her Dickensville collection, so that's up as well. Adam even put the train around the tree.




But that's not all! Last Sunday, it was about 60 degrees and sunny, so we took advantage of the weather and put up the Christmas lights. We got lots of snow this week, so they look extra pretty all lit up.

Christmas lights

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